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Hello All,
I have spent many hours on the internet, looking for a specific topic.
I am looking for some literature on adverse effects of high
temperature on electronics performance, failures caused by overheating
electronics, anything along those lines.
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If the temperature is high enough, the solder will melt. Go read a book.
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Salmon Egg
Try searching for 'thermal runaway'. Many semiconductors will have a lower resistance as temperature rises. This results in more current, more heating, higher temperature, lower resistance...ad infinitum.
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I've recently had a lecture which discussed the effect of temperature on the life expectancy of semiconductors. For many (all?) semiconductors the life expectancy halves for every 10 degrees celcius you increase the operating temperature. This is very significant (do a few basic calculations for yourself, starting with say ambient temperature giving 20 years of life) and goes to show how important heat sinks are.
daestrom wrote:
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Life expectancy halves for every 10 degrees C temp increase applies in many cases, like insulation (wire, transformers). IIRC chemical reactions, in general, occur twice as fast for each 10 degree C increase.
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