Lee Howl Pump

Hello all,
Along with my first purchase of a Lister D, I obtained a nice Lee Howl
water pump. After completing the D restoration (well under way now) I
will be cleaning the pump up and remounting the engine and pump on the
trolley, hopefully in time to show at Flookburgh next July (about 2
miles from my house!).
Unfortunately I can find very little information on the Lee Howl. At
present it is painted the same colour as the Lister D (which is
actually the wrong shde of green anyway!), and I was wondering if Lee
Howl used a specific colour for the gear or not? Perhaps I should just
repaint it the same colour as the Lister? I've searched the internet
high and low and apart from a few pictures I can find very little
about them. Anyway know where there may be some information?
Thanks and cheerio for now,
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Graham Culley
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I too have a Lee Howl (and never found any info) and the shade is definitely lighter than Mid Brunswick. It might be Light Brunswick. hth Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Lower - Lower Brunswick ;o))
I thought Lee Howl still existed, but cannot find them on the Web.
formatting link
for seals etc.
Kim Siddorn,
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J K Siddorn
Isn't that in Deutschland? ttfn Roland
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Roland and Celia Craven
Orstralia, mate.
Cheers Tom
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