ITE circuit breaker/Where Can I Find It?

I am trying to find a main breaker replacement for a multi-gang meter base for a tenant complex. The main breaker is a ITE Seimens Q2100H and all the web sites and supply house I have gone to do not reconize the breaker. The breaker is a 150amp single phase breaker. Not a molded case breaker. Looks like a standard 1" two pole circuit breaker. How hard can it be to locate a replacement breaker. Please email me at Thanks in advance for your help!


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Thanks in advance

look in your yellow pages under 'electric supplies surplus'

Phil Scott

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Phil Scott

If it looks like two 1 pole breakers then it is indeed an molded case breaker.

Have you taken the breaker with you and tried to match it?

Do an search for used electrical equipment or obsolete

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