Updated "Where Am I?"

First of all, i've just read through entire 1996 edition of J. Borensteins
"Where am I?" or "Sensors and Methods for Mobile Robot Positioning"
Its an eye opener. Everything ive done thus far in mobile robotics has
basically been groping in the dark. Excellent book, and i think everybody
involved in hobby robotics, beyond the newbie stage, should take and read
it. Especially as its freely available online.
Now, its 7 years old, and some of the info is quite outdated. Particularly,
availability of low-cost sensors suitable for robotics have come a long way
since then ( did we even have optical mice in '96 ? ), also the computing
power avaialable to crunch those more complex algorithms has gone up
So, does anyone know of similar, more up-to-date book. Even separate books
on subject of different sensors, and algorithms would be handy. I know i can
locate and read several papers on different subtopics and i have
occasionally done that, but having such a good overview of all the possible
modern methods is essential to really understanding the stuff.
I have scanned through popular hobby robotics websites "resource"
collections, but many of them cover just the basic tutorial stuff, without
systematic overview of whats going on. Im mining the Amazon right now, but
havent been able to turn up anything significant yet.
In short, whats the latest mobile robotics bible ?
thanks in advance,
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