AC stepper motor

Ive tried searching for a schematic for a control on an AC stepper i have.
All I find is DC. can anyone fill me in? It has separate terminals A-H, I
believe A is missing.
why can;t I find info on AC steppers?
-newbie in need of a solution-
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Why do you believe the stepper motor you have is AC? I guess standard stepper motors could be referred to as DC, since when they're in a held state the current is DC, but that term doesn't really apply either...
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Joe Pfeiffer
It turns out I located the manufacuturer and found the info on the motor.
its from
formatting link

it is an AC syncronous/stepper. They briefly explain that a resistor/capacitor control allows continuous motion...
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That 'stepper' is a version of an AC syncronous motor, i.e. phonograph motor. You can control the speed of these motors by generating the same AC voltage with an adjustable frequency.
Doing this is not trivial. Pay me money and I will design a circuit for you! :) :) ;)
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Luhan Monat

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