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Hello folks,

Does anyone know where I can pick up a 1/6 hp AC motor, roughly 1700-2000 rpm? I tried looking at RS, Farnell etc but got hopelessly lost on the website!


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Richard H
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How critical is that speed - could you manage with 1450rpm? That would make life a whole lot easier 'cos then induction motors are easy to find (although you may have to setle for 1/4 HP since smaller power ratings seem to be very rare!).


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Charles Ping

Anything in that range would be fine. I now realise that the original specs I posted seem to be much more common across the pond.


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Richard H

A machinery stockist near me sells motors badged by Clarke or Sealy or somesuch - someone like Machine Mart wouod probably also have that range. They're not particularly cheap. If that's an issue, you could try a surplus place like Anchor, or you could disembowel one of the ridiculously cheap bench grinders that the DIY sheds sell.


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Adrian Godwin

Hi Richard,

I have an old 1/4 horse here you can have free

1425 rpm 220/240 volt single phase. continuous running Electrolyitc capacitor start/centrifugal switch so maybe limited number of starts per hour. Provided you are not starting or reversing this many 10s of times per hour you should be fine. Capacitor needs a clamp or housing - currently dangling on the end of wire nice quiet runner in rubber mount sprung cradle made by AEI.

Available to collect from Romsey Hants

Let me know if you need more info




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Bob Minchin

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