speed controller for ac motor ?

Can anyone introduce some brand name for speed controller for ac motor ?
Those which can generated variable frequency ac for driving ac motor ?
I have a electrical platform here, the controller is suffering aging
problem and has no support from manufacture anymore as it was installed
many years ago. I am looking for replacement, can anyone help and point
to me where can I get similar product ?
Many Thanks in Advance.
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There are a lot of people making these. Call a couple of local electrical supply houses and ask their suggestions. Try to avoid the guy at the front desk. Ask for the drives tech support person and tell him what you have now and what you want to do and ask his/her advice on what to select.
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Bob Peterson
Automation Direct, Toshiba, Cutler-Hammer\Eaton Electric, Square D, Allen Bradley, ABB, GE, Siemans, and I am sure there are others.
If you would describe the purpose may be I could narrow your choices.
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do you happen to know any requirements such as HP? supply voltage? toshiba or automationdirect comes to mind. one HP or 450 HP? sammmmm
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The Allan Bradley Powerflex 70 is used throughout the industry and is very reliable and easy to program.
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Gerald Newton
You might be able to find a tech who can fix it, but if you must swap it out...
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Dave M.
You may find a solution here....
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luck, Ross
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Ross Mac

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