Low cost 1.5 & 3 VDC supply

I wish to have available at modest cost DC supply:
nominal 1 amp continous, 1.5 amps 15 second peak at 1.5 & 3 VDC.
Buying new transformers even for this relatively low duty is not cheap is
there a better way?
Any guidance using any approach very welcome.
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Peter O
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in article snipped-for-privacy@clear.net.nz, Peter O at snipped-for-privacy@email.com wrote on 2/21/04 10:24 PM:
Go to a typical hyam radio swap meet.
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Repeating Rifle
"Peter O" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@clear.net.nz:
Some well designed power electronics circuits can handle this job very well. You can use a timer to control your max peak current. You leave out quite a number of important pieces of information. You have to have a transformer if you are rectifying ac to dc, most importantly for isolation from the mains source. Do you have an existing transformer? If so, what is the secondary voltage? To design an efficient regulator more information is needed.
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