Mapping Circuit?

My question actually regards mapping a pneumatic circuit, but I thought
that if there is a basic theory then it would be discussed in the
electrical engineering area. My question is the given a 2 dimensional
circuit board (X" x Y") and Z logic elements, how can these elements be
connected so that 1) no path are crossed, and 2) path distance is
minimized. Is there a theory that addresses this problem? Any help
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in article, Dan at wrote on 5/10/04 9:49 AM:
What a great question! If I had a great answer, I could become famous or rich.
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Repeating Rifle
What you are looking for falls under Graph Theory.
Click here for some quick definitions:
formatting link
Specifically, you want a planar circuit with a Eularian path - that would fulfill both your criteria.
Google "graph theory algorithm planar eularian path" and see what comes up.
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