Nicola Tesla

I would like to do a little study on Nikola Tesla, his life and work.

What books could be recommended?

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I suppose you have explored all the web sites such as:

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Some contain good source references.

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Also, see:

-- Bert --

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Bert Hickman

I'll mention the book "Strange Brains and Genius" by Clifford Pickover. There's a chapter on Tesla about 40 pages, that focuses on his stranger side.

ISBN 0-688-16894-9

Tesla's chapter is "The Pigeon Man From Manhattan".


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Kate (Cubus) wrote in :

"Prodigal Genius" by O'Neil is a biography.

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Tom Lager

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Glenn Baddeley

Years ago I read:

Lightning in His Hands: The Life Story of Nikola Tesla ISBN:0-913022-42-X / 091302242X for softcover ISBN:0-913022-24-1 / 0913022241 for hardcover

Have fun, ARM

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Alan McClure

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