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Hello everyone,

I have an older house (1950's) and the service breaker located at the front of the property has a 40 amp Sq D type XO breaker that has gone bad. I have been unable to find a replacement except for some used units for 70 dollars. Home depot has a kit with the power meter holder as well as 6 20amp breakers for 49. I would much rather upgrade to this then use the existing old equipment. My question is do I have to get a permit to switch these? Will the power company come out and disconnect me from my old box to the new one I install?

How much do electricians normally get to do this upgrade?



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Robert J Rolleston

Almost certainly. You may need an electrical license to pull such a permit, depending on the area. Service upgrades are not really DIY projects.

Will the power

They will come and disconnect, but will not reconnect until the new installation has passed inspection, and a "cut-in" card has been issued by the inspector.

Depends on size of service, overhead/underground wiring, and geographic area. Here in the northeast US, a typical 200A overhead service will run around $1000 or so.

Bob Weiss N2IXK

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Bob Weiss

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