Powered hand tool regs in the industrial workshop ?

Can anyone tell me if the use of 230v mains powered hand tools with trailing extension leads - grinders, drills, etc etc - in a UK based steel fabrication workshop is ok ?

And if not, possibly point me in the correct location of where it may say so.


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In our works we use 230v mains powered hand tools with trailing extension leads. I have never seen any information that this is not allowed.

You must however ensure you comply with any health and saftey requirements (such as ensuring people can not trip over trailing leads etc). The provision and use of work equipment regualtions 1992 give guidance on health and saftey and I am sure they are many others.

You may also wish to use Residual Current Breakers (RCBs) on the power outlets.

Hope this helps and if you find out I am wrong (which has been known once or twice!) please tell me


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