Question about 3 phase circuit

Please help me to solve this problem!
What is the meaning of (2+j)ohms in the following question?
In a TT system, 3 phase, 4 wire symmetrical supply system, loads of 2 ohms,
(2 + j) ohms and (1 ¡V j) ohms are connected in star in red, yellow and blue
phases. The line voltage is 380 volts. If the neutral conductor OO¡¦ is
open-circuited, find
(i) the potential of the load star-point with respect to earth;
(ii) the voltage across the loads; and
(iii) the load currents in the three phases.
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This means either: 2 real + 1 inductive ohms, the magnitude of 1 being implied or it means 2 * (+j) ohms which seems to agree with the preceding text.
There appear to be some weird characters here that don't work well in my news reader.
^^^ More weird characters.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
this sounds like a test question. pretty scary that someone who has this kind of question on a test does not know what the j operator is.
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bob peterson
Go to class, stay awake in class, if it's to late this term better luck next time.
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B J Conner
Jees! The 'j' operator tells the student to go into journalism! I thought every (wannabe) EE knew that.
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KR Williams

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