Question just for electrical linemen!

First thanks for all you do, frequently in the worst weather and conditions. I am certain everyone appreciates getting their service restored. Sadly around pittsburgh Duquesne light tends to wait till a overloaded tranmsformer fries before replacing it. Even one thats tripped it thermal protection repeatedly:(

Anyhow my question. Before working on what you BELIEVE is a dead line do you short it just to be on the safe side?

I was told this by a local lineman and just want to confirm. thanks bob haller...

if you do short lines do you occasionally find one thats still live???????

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Not a lineman.

However, I've also heard that the line guys will short a line to ground while working on it -- even if it's supposedly disconnected. I've also heard that if a home owner is found to be back feeding to the grid, they will disconnect the person from the grid, and it takes many months to get the guy hooked back up.

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Stormin Mormon

Yep. Lineman have been killed due to backfeeding from generaters. Use a transfer switch!

Here are some videos of power distribution tests and accidents. Check out the quarter shrinker too! John

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(The fun think is the link at the bottom of the page. It shows what can be done with high voltages and/or high currents.)

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John Gilmer

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