Re: wind mill generator problem

why is it that the voltage generated by the windmill genearator
> usually 690 v and not higher or lower??this voltage is later stepped
> up to say 333Kv or so.
> any specific reason or an old convention is being followed here?? >
> Rgds
> Daman
The output from the wind turbines is converted to DC, then back to AC
again to so the frequency can be matched to that of the power grid.
The voltage of the wind turbines I know of are 400-500ish volts,
usually to optimise the converters. If the voltage is much lower, you
start talking about some huge cables connecting it. There is a few
reasons, but thats the basic one. If the generator voltage is higher
then construction can be harder as well. After the inverters it is
stepped by a transformer to whatever voltage is present where they are
connected. 690 might be a common voltage in europe for industrial
equipment anyway, and so the wind turbines will be able to use common
hardware, thus making it cost effective.
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