sizing power supply to operate 24V solenoids

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I'm trying to build a small control panel to operate a series of 24V solenoid valves. A maximum of 2 valves would be working at any given time, how would I size the power supply. (120 VAC supply).

Any suggestions on power supply manufacturers? Any with built in fuses?



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The solenoid valve will have a coil resistance, or operating current specified.

Double the current to get the maximum current needed.

Or halve the resistance and divide 24 by that to find the maximum current needed.

Double it. That should give you some margin in case you change your mind as to how many valves work at once..

And buy a supply with that 24 volt output current capability.

The supply will probably come with some form of overload protection - such as a thermal fuse on the transformer. But you could use a car inline fuseholder, with a suitable fuse.

You may want to think about transient/back-emf protection for when the valves are de-activated. It will be an inductive load and your switches/ relays will need to be rated for that.

As to manufacturers - pracatically anything will do. Unless this is safety critical, in which case it should fail-safe and possibly would need to allow for protection against single point failure.

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Can you get a data sheet from the valve manufacturerers? This would give you the "Pull In" & "Hold On" Currents, you will need these to accuratly gauge the size of psu required.

Also are they 24dc or 24ac?


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Don't most solenoids come with protection from back emf built in?...that would be a diode of course....Ross

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Ross Mac

If the solenoids have DIN type connectors these can be replace with plug tops with surge suppression built in to them.


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