dual power supply design

does anyone know if there's any way to design a simple low power dual
power supply? The result should be able to swing between -2V and 2V
(for example, the values are not important just giving an idea of the
range) and supply around.... 200mA (again just an idea... around here
The output of the power supply should (ideally) consist of two wires
that I can swing between +/- 2V. I'm open to any type of control...
I'm guessing it will end up being a pot, although voltage control or
current control would be nice... however, that is not really what I'm
trying to figure out right now.
I'm just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction
here... I'm having a hard time trying to figure out where to begin
with this design.
much thanks!
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Sound like you need to make say +/-5V rails and hang a power opamp between them that can source/sink 200mA. Voltage control or current control can be had.
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mook johnson
As always, you need to state what you are starting with, and your specific goal. Yes, most things are possible, but the means to the end depends on the specifics.
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Maybe give this a try lad
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Always works wonders for me!
Kirk Johnson "Stretching Specialist"
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Kirk Johnson
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Rough and ready; unsophisticated! 1) Find a design for a power supply of around four to five volts. With a centre tap. 2) And there are other circuits that can be arranged from a transformer without a centre tap that can also provide plus and minus supplies from the same winding. With a 'virtual' centre tap or zero voltage point. 3) A pot placed across the two outputs can be adjusted to anywhere from plus 2 to to minus 2 volts; relative to the centre tap of item (1) or the created zero of item (2). 4) For two separate outputs use two separate pots arranged thus. As a guess you prob. need power supplies providing an amp or more and then 'sink' some of it in the pots. Depending on whether the 200 m/a is a steady or varying load? All depends what you are trying design/do!
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In article , panfilero wrote:
How much of a consideration is efficiency, and what power does it need to run on? Does it produce +2V and -2V at the same time, or do you need to swing it end to end?
If it's AC, I'd use a transformer to reduce line power to about 10V peak to peak, center tapped, to ground, rectify it on both sides to get +5V and -5V, filter to get the ripple down to under a volt and then use a power op-amp with variable gain off a voltage reference to get the output voltage.
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