source of 20 Amp extension cords with 5-20 receptacle?

Hi, I work in a physics lab at the University of Maryland. We have a piece of equipment that has a 5-20 plug and, according to the manual, draws up to the full 20 A. We need to move it a few feet, and will need an extension cord. Does anyone know of a good source for extension cords with 5-20 plugs and receptacles???

The only example I've found with Google is this:

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... but it's only rated for 15 A apparently.

The only alternative I can think of is to buy a length of 125V/20A three-conductor cable and splice it onto the current power plug for the equipment. However I don't know how to safely splice such cable. Does anyone have any pointers on how to do this?

Thanks, Dan Lenski University of Maryland

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I'm in the UK - but I would either be looking to replace the whole of the existing flex with a new one of appropriate length, or, better, moving or fitting a new power outlet closer to to the equipment.


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Getting a new power outlet put in would be a real mess here, unfortunately. The facilities people sometimes take MONTHS to get around to these things.

I agree that replacing the whole cable would be ideal, but the coworker who's in charge of the equipment would prefer to try other options first.


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You could buy some 12ga SJT and the ends.

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Hmmm... what is 12 gauge SJT?

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Look for air conditioner extension cords in your local home despot or lowes or local home repair supply stores. Or you can donate a six pack or two of a frosty beverage of choice to your university electrical folks who could probably make one up from parts in the junk box in a couple of minutes. Late on a hot friday afternoon is probably a good time to visit with your donation.


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Dale Farmer

12 ga is the size of the wire. SJT is the type of insulation and jscketing. SJ is junior service cord - a moderately heavy outside jacket around the conductors T means the insulation is made of thermoplastic

You could also use other 12 ga 3 conductor cords - outside diameter needs to fit the plug nad receptacle end.

An air conditioner extension, suggested by Dale, should be available in short lengths.


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