Synopsys TCAD and radiation model in 'sdevice' (supported materials)?

I'm trying to run the gamma radiation model in TCAD. Does anyone here
know if it works with anything other than silicon and poly? I ran it
and I'm only obtaining results for those two materials. It's not
showing any values for SiO2 or nitride.
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I updated the .par files of the other materials and it still didn't work. I was able to turn off the radiation model by taking out the parameters from the Silicon.par file. I also did a -P:All and used the resulting modified .par file for my simulation and that didn't work either.
I also varied the dose and dose rates to see if the generation was just so low TCAD didn't simulate it.
I would appreciate any help you can provide on this. This is for academic purposes and I'm one of the first people to use this tool at my university.
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