This is just funny

Bought a cheap PWM controller for a 24VDC motor off of Ebay for some $10.

Besides an design that is either amateurish or intentionally over-robust (i .e. using components that are way oversized for the job, heatsinking some 1

0x what the power dissipation might ever be, etc.); the funniest part was t hat it obviously was built around a 555 timer chip to generate the PWM, and they...

went to the trouble of embossing the markings off of the 555, for who knows what reason!

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Or perhaps it was actually built around ATtiny13 or PIC12F609 or another 8-pin MCU that looks just like a 555 timer, especially if you remove the markings... Perhaps they felt it worth their efforts to delay you from copying the device in its exact form for a day or two? And most likely this device is already an exact copy of someone else's device and they just didn't want it to look quite that obvious.

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