Transformer bunding question?

Under UK rules & regs, is there a requirement to bund fluid filled
transformers to contain any insulating fluid leakage? This will be a new
transformer installation and the fluid will be Midel. There are other
transformers on site and these are not bunded.
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I don't know but I can share some thoughts. I see Wikipedia actually hints 'yes' on your specific question
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a short ways into the page, though I would have said, over here, no, I do not see containment around transformers. Also, if I were to spec a liquid filled padmount medium voltage transformer it would probably be filled with vegetable oil and not harmful to the environment.
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operator jay
Vegetable oil? Doesn't that stuff go rancid? I would certainly not fill a transformer with anything not designed for the job, doing so would leave one wide open to liabilities.
So long as the transformer oil stays in the transformer and is properly recovered if the unit is ever scrapped, I don't see there being much of an environmental issue.
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James Sweet
Yes, that's right, I would spec a transformer filled with extra virgin olive oil off the supermarket shelf. Sure, the manufacturers complain because it's no good for insulation or cooling and it's not fit for use, and it catches fire, and no testing agency can approve it, and the Owners don't like the fact that it's unsafe and fails the electrical inspection and cannot be put into service. But it is better for the environment if there happens to be a leak, so I have given it long consideration and on balance, I fell that outweighs the other factors.
Actually, no. Of course the oil is designed for the job. They have txf oil made from vegetable oil. I do not know whether Midel is one or not.
Also, 'as long as it stays in the transformer' is the whole issue. Things leak and spill. Things deteriorate. Things get damaged. That's why containment exists at all.
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operator jay
Use baby oil.
Pressed from only the cutest babies.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
I would consider bunding in all cases wgere oil containment is required wether it be mineral oil midel or FR3.
I believe that you need to contain the volume plus 10%. But check with the environment Agency
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