Trying to current meter NOISY 480Vac 3 Phase

I have a Current sensing transformer, with a secondary out out of 0-10Vac over a 0 to 5A range. It is on 1 leg of the 3 phase. The AC out is very noisy, and I want a clean sine wave to go to a bridge rectifier, then to a 0-10Vdc,

4 1/2 digit DC panel meter.

I'm open to ideas. Thanks

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Cristy Kline
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Put a large choke in series with the burden resistor, and a small cap across it.

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Sounds like your current signal may have a lot of harmonic noise. If you filter the output as suggested by another poster, you will be left with a measurement that is NOT representative of the true RMS current levels on the circuit you are trying to measure. I would suggest using a better measuring system if you need any kind of accuracy at all.

Charles Perry P.E.

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Charles Perry

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