UK: Part P building regs self certification

With the proposed changes to the building regs regarding the certification of the installation, an article in electrical review suggests the only way to be 'recognised is by joining NICEIC.

Is this correct, as a sole trader electrician with C&G 236/1, 236/2, 236 'C', 238,2400, and 2391 what more do I have to do!!!

Anyone in a similar position



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Please complain to your MP -- at this stage, this is the only chance of any change in the proposed legislation (and it's getting rather late for even that).

The proposed changes are ridiculas, and are all justified by an error in the calculations for electrical fatalities (i.e. including deaths due to electrical appliances, which are by far the majority).

Many people pointed this out in during the original consultative period, but this error was ignored. There is much speculation about what the real aim of the legislation is, but it's clear to just about everyone that it's nothing to do with safety, as it's likely to increase the number of deaths due to electrical incidents.

If you want to read my original response to the proposals, it's still available here:

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is too late to submit further formal responses now, so the route you must follow now is via your MP.

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Andrew Gabriel

BTW, you might want to look in on uk.d-i-y where this topic has been (and continues to be) discussed. There are quite a number of electricians in a similar position to yourself in that newsgroup.

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Andrew Gabriel

i am in same position as you,i will be interested to see what happens.could this be bully tactics from the nic big boys?

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