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I am quite new to all of this, but I have a little project planned.
Basically I am quite a gamer. Looking around I have found a nice
little project that looks hard, but I have the time. Basically, it a
Instrument Cluster for a car, but it runs from the input from a
computer. The Rev needles and everything changes based upon what the
computer reports. I have got hold of a real Instrument panel but I
need to put it together. Just to give you a little idea:
formatting link
formatting link
So I was looking for some sort of USB kit which came with all drivers
and such to reduce the work load, something like a Phidget(http://
formatting link
I would then program that to create the voltages
required to produce the movement required. Of course there will be a
software program, but I need to work out how much this is all going to
cost, So as I am sort of new to all this, I would be grateful if you
could point me in the right direction in terms of the different boards
that are available and the price range that I should be going for.
I will need at least 4 analogue outputs as there will be servo's in
the system with data. (Fuel, Speed, Revs, Engine Temp.) Plus lights
which are in the cluster.
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