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Any idea how I can cheaply stabilise a 230v AC supply. I have a 230v AC feed
to a metal detector that fluctuates by a couple of volts and I'm not sure if
this is causing it to keep tripping on metal detect. Any ideas?
Pete B.
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Pete Brown
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a 230v AC feed
I'm not sure if
I wonder if a computer UPS (online type) might do the job cheap enough?
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Ian Smith
Depends on your definition of cheap. ISOreg or similar transformers are available with constant outputs. I personally use a 480 3ph unit for a control power application.
I also have 3 metal detectors (Gorring Kerr), 2 units perform flawlessly. The third installation, regardless of which equipment is installed there, has problems with random detections, thousands of them. If you are interested, I would be happy to continue this discussion in greater detail.
A stable power supply is an important criteria, but in theory only step changes in voltage would affect a metal detector. Example: voltage dip from an A/C compressor cycling.
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A two volt variation is a .87% regulation which is quite good. The detector may have an internal DC regulator with input regulation to negate the effect of the 2 volt variation in the 230 volt line. Anyway, the line voltage variation is NOT the problem unless there are large spikes unaccounted for.
Dave M.
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Dave M.

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