What gage wire should I be using?

I'm trying to build a small 50 Ohm antenna with the following specs:

5 turns of wire with a 1.5cm diameter in a spiral coil, Coil resistance should be .6 Ohms, Inductance is .777uH. How would I go about calculating the gage wire needed?
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1.5 cm * 3.14159 * 5 turns = 23.56 cm / 2.54 cm = 9.27 inchs / 12 inchs = .773 ft / .9534 ft / ohm = .810 ohm using 40 awg.

Could this page help?

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Dave M.

Get the length of the wire 1.5 * pi * 5 and use a wire table to find a gage that yields ~.6 ohms at that length. See

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The length of the wire will depend upon spacing between the turns, which you did not specify. You also did not specify frequency. Still, with the numbers given, #39 AWG will give about .6 ohms. I did not check my calcs against the .777uH figure.

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