Garage door springs steel, what to do?

Hi all,
I have a couple of garage door springs. They are about 5/16 round (I
haven't actually measured, but that is what I recall). Being that this
is spring steel I have been trying to think of uses for the stuff for
making tools, etc. The small diameter seems a bit constraining. I have
the following thoughts, but would wonder what others might think
and/or do with the stuff.
I was figuring you could weld it to the end of say some mild steel and
shape to make edges for things like cutoff-hardies or chisels. Of
course this is probably more work then it's worth (just go get a BIG
coil spring and use that). The latest idea was to make some
"cookie-cutter" type cutting dies for poping stuff out of sheet metal.
Natually I could make any 5/16 or less punches and/or drifts that I
might need.
Anyone have any other thoughts on good uses for the stuff?
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don schad
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Repousse punches? You only need so many of those, though. Custom makers mark stamps? Same comment.
I'd probably just sraighten it out and use it as 5/16 stock for hooks and the like. Provided that you don't quench it from a red heat, it really makes no difference that it started out with more carbon than it needed.
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones
Small knives (the useful sort, not the "look at my big knife" sort) - ie marking knives, wood carving knives
Scissors, if you are up for a challenge.
Awls, picks, etc.
Small gouges and chisels for woodworking.
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Oh, not that sort of challenge?
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Colin Blackburn
Ecnerwal Spaketh Thusly:
Make a decent knife blade to replace the crummy stainless one that came in your multitool (no matter what brand it is).
FWIW: Leatherman FINALLY switched to a better steel for the knife blades in the new model Wave and the Charge, both coming out next month.
-- Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
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Molon Labe!
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Cool idea. :)
The trickiest part of that business is getting two parallel sides the right thickness. I resorted to using precision ground O1. :/
What steel is it going to be?
Alvin in AZ
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alvinj Spaketh Thusly:
154CM. It was 420HC.
Note that I said "better", not "good" :-)
-- Bill H. [my "reply to" address is real]
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Molon Labe!
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you could try engraving tools Doug
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