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I have a pile of Lego that I haven't used in a few years, and I'm not likely to use. I'm wondering what it's worth. I know I have some not-so-common sets. I also know that to maximize the price I could get for this stuff I'd either have to sort it by set (it's all mixed up) or sort by brick type/color/etc. I'd prefer to NOT sell by the pound.

Below is my list of sets that I have instructions for. Taken in the aggregate, I'm better than 99% complete, but I can't guarantee I haven't lost some of the extra parts or very small parts over the years. The brick is in excellent condition, from a non-smoking house. Quite a lot of this was bought as an adult, but the stuff I've had since I was a kid is in great shape too. I wasn't the kid that was hard on equipment growing up. He lived down the street and was the kid I gave all my original kenner star wars action figures and vehicles to. He broke them all within 9 months, and that stuff is extra hard to find now. You can't win them all.

Anyhoo, I'd be interested in what folks believe this would be worth as a take-it-all deal, and what it'd be worth by set. I have instructions, but no boxes.


Ze List -


8458 silver champion Qty 3 8480 space shuttle 8455 backhoe/front end loader 8448 super car II 948 go cart 8040 pneumatic universal building set 8094 control center 8207 Dune Duster Qty 4 8250 Search Sub 8277 Giant Model Set 8408 Desert Ranger / V2 sport car Qty 3 8412 Nighthawk/Sky Wasp 8417 Mag Wheel Master 8422 Circuit Shock Racer/V-Twin Super Bike 8428/8432 Turbo Command 8440 Formula Flash / Formula Indy Racer 8444 Air Enforcer/Supercopter 8445 Indy Storm/ Formula 1 racer 8446 Crane Truck/Monster Crane Truck 8459 Pneumatic Front End Loader 8460 Pneumatic Crane Truck (from the old days) 8462 Tow Truck 8479 Barcode Multi Set (CodePilot) 8485 Control Center II 8832 Roadster 8845 Dune Buggy 8854 Power Crane 8855 Prop Plane 8857 Street Chopper/Trike 8865 Test Car 8868 Air Tech Claw Rig Qty 2 8880 Super Car Qty 3 9719 RIS v1.0 Dacta robolab software 8466 4x4 Off Roader 8233 MC v. Stinger (Cyberslam)

Model Team

5563 Racing Truck 5533 Red Fury 5561 Big Foot 4x4 5571 Giant Truck/Black Cat 5580 Highway Rig 5590 Whirl & Wheel Super Truck 5591 Mach II Red Bird Rig

Star wars

8001 ­ technic battle droid 7181 ­ ultimate tie interceptor 8002 ­ technic destroyer droid 7127 ­ AT-ST 7166 ­ Imperial Shuttle 7191 ­ ultimate x-wing

Also know I have, but cant find the books -

7110 landspeeder 7128 speeder bikes 7130 snowspeeder 7140 x-wing 7150 slave 17152 tie fighter & y-wing

Pretty sure I have:

7146 tie fighter

Classic Space:

6881 lunar rocket launcher 442 Space Shuttle 6805 astro dasher 6822 x 2 space shuttle 6823 surface transport 6801 x 2 rocket sled 6880 x 2 surface explorer 6842 shuttle craft 6811 pulsar charger 6882 walking astro grappler 6951 robot command center 6826 crater crawler 889 radar truck

Other old sets:

540 police units 268 family room 261 bathroom 709 police boat 5235 school room
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I'd try searching e-bay and Bricklink to see what sets are going for. Some of what you've got is old, rare, and would likely fetch high prices if complete (especially considering you have instructions). For example:

All of these would fetch high prices. I'd guess the Super Car sets would each fetch close to $100 (if complete).

Model Team sets would likely fetch high prices as well. I fondly remember

5590 and 5591, but owned neither.

You can't go wrong with classic space. I'm guessing these would fetch high prices as well, especially 442 and 889 since they are a couple of the first Classic Space sets. I had 889, 928, and some others, but never 442. Any set with classic space minifigs in good shape will sell well.

I'm not sure what the other sets would fetch, but I'm sure they'd sell.

First thing to do is to build each and every set to make sure the pieces are there. The downside is that by the time you're done doing this, you may find that you still like to build with Lego. ;-)


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