Just picked up very large Lego lot, any special requests?

I recently aqquired very literally a car full of legos. There are MANY complete sets with instruction books but I have no boxes. I also have bags and bags of unsorted stuff and stacks of instruction books. Some of the notables:

7 different star wars sets including X-Wing, Ewok set, Bounty Hunter Pursuit, and others

At least 4 different large sets that go to the 9v train plus others. These are sets 4565, 4532, 4559, 4555, 4541, 4537, 10015

Fort Legola

Nice large Castle

Orient Expedition sets

1 ice planet set

NBA sets

Space shuttles, air planes, town sets, technic sets, pirate sets, racing sets, etc. etc. etc. Just a TON of stuff. Everything looks to be from 1993-2002 or so.

If there is a request, I can go ahead and make a list of all the sets I have. About 50 percent of them are individually bagged with their book. The other half have been dumped into tubs and I have a stack of books next to them. I registered for Bricklink.com today and have a ebay rating of a whopping 9. BUT....I take almost any form of payment and freely give out my home phone number. If anyone is interested, I will beat the lowest price on bricklink on just about anything I have AND I will use the bricklink system to sell it to you if you wish. I'm not picky :)

Let me know if interested.


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Thanks for your post mike. There are some items I would like. Shall I leave a list on here?

Kim x

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got any 3 C bat holders and wires and motors (i got a coupel extra switches that plug into the batt holder

also i'll take as many grey space horn "P.A. thingies" ya got

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Emails directly would be nice. Feel free to put it on the board as well, but still send one directly.

I am in Minnesota U.S. for those that have asked. I have no problem shipping internationally so long as I can do it with some form of proof (to protect the both of us). On a real small order I might waive that.

Could I ask what grey "p.a. thingies" are? I haven't played with legos since I was 13. My wife is driving me nuts because she's got legos everywhere in the house now putting sets together.


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