Picked up an unknown bipe at local sale...

I picked up a 60 size bipe for very little money recently, but I have
no idea what it is.
It looks almost EXACTLY like a Skybolt, except of just one cockpit, it
has two (kind of like a Stearman). I also has a full fiberglass fuselage.
Doe any one know who made such a plane? At first I thought it might be a Sig
Skybolt, but fiberglass fuselage made that pretty unlikely.

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the skybolt was a composite fuselage from GreatPlains if I recall correctly.
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A club member picked up a plane that sounds very similar to yours and made the same comment that it looked like a Skybolt. It turned out to be a Sig Liberty Sport.
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Morris Lee
I have a wood kit of a Sig liberty sport.
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Robert Williams
Thanks for the clue on the identity of the plane. I now know it's a Liberty Sport. But I don't think it's a Sig model and I don't t think Skybolt ever had two cockpits.
Sig Liberty Sport has a built-up wood fuse, and mine is full fiberglass. In addition the attachment of the upper wing to the fuse doesn't make it a Sig model. it's more like a Pitts than anything else.
There are some pictures of the Liberty Sport from an online build at rcGroups:
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Circa mid 70's, Soarcraft had a kit for a Steen Skybolt that was a two holer. It was a polyester fuse and foam cores. I still have one of those kits in my stash.
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Tom Minger
Anyone want to sell me their kit? I think the Lib Sport is one of the best looking Bipes. I started to build one in the early 90s only to be destroyed when I moved.
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