Unknown Compressor.

Now that I have at last fathomed out the intricacies of Webshots, and managed to download photos of some of my old engines, I will reopen my request for possible identification of the "Unknown Compressor" My user name is "pulsechoes" Any takers???

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A most interesting selection, Charles, thank you for making them available.

As for the compressor, I'm sorry to report I have no idea who the maker might be.

Regards, Arthur G

to download photos of some of my old

Compressor" My user name is "pulsechoes"

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Arthur G

Hi Charles

I'll watch this space with interest as I still have this compressor.

I placed a photo in SE Magazine a few years ago trying to identify it, but there was no response then. Hopefully we may find out now.

There are no casting marks or numbers anywhere on the unit.




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Tim Clark

Hi Charles, nice pictures. I must study the history of the Lister G type. You don't see many at shows. I seem to remember they are related to the American "Le Roy". PS When you post your pictures it is better to tell people to see

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saves Google a lot of work!

-- Dave Croft Warrington England

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Dave Croft

I like the C-V Vixen, Charles, is that one yours too?



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Kim Siddorn

A nice variety of engines there Charles. But whats the difference between the Petter M ,and the Petter M victory,?? Regards, Gary.

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gary millward

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