CLM Junkers Patent engine.

Further to previous posting re. this engine, it is now in my posession. When I picked it up I remarked that it had the appearance of a "College" engine and the gentleman replied that it apparently came from Loughborough College about 10 years ago. It has had modifications to the Injector pump drive to incorporate some sort of electrical equipment (either dynamo or magneto??[not present] ) and a set of rotary ignition points [still attached]. These mods look very professional, definitely not a home made job! I would be interested to hear from anyone who has connections with this college who could substantiate the claim. I will be posting some new photos on my "Webshots" pages in the next day or so if anyone is interested. (site name:- pulsechoes ). Charles (Carlisle)

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Any sign of a sparking plug having been fitted? The reason I ask is that when I was at Uni (Aston not Loogabarooga) I remember an engine in the thermo lab which could be run on diesel or natural gas - ignition options when on gas were to inject a small charge of diesel oil at the appropriate point which would then 'set off' the main gas/air charge, or spark ignition. The engine was certainly based on a standard commercial unit but I'm pretty sure it wasn't CLM - Gardner perhaps.

BTW. Why pulsechoes - do you have a radar or sonar connection?

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