2004 sets

set #4504 is the 2004 millenium falcon. does anyone have a picture of it? is
it the same as the old m.f.?
LUGNET does not, in case you are wondering.
(set 4500 is the only other set listed for 2004 so far... the rebel
snowspeeder. 213 pieces, and no pic available yet.)
any chance that lego will come out with lighted brick elements or other
electric brick elements associated with the 9v system any time soon? it would
be nice to have a train crossing that blinked, or a stoplight that could turn
red, yellow, or green with the press of a button.
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It is an all-new model. (No large quarter-round UFO pieces.) Pics of it and the new Snowspeeders (System and UCS) are at
formatting link
Rebelscum.com also posted pics last week, but their news scrolls off pretty fast.
There is another set that appears to be re-released TIE fighters, but details are sketchy.
There are a couple more sets on tap for January, but no details yet.
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Kevin Johnston
I haven't heard a thing. This is the usual time of year when rumors start appearing, though last year Lego was better than usual about keeping the lid on (esp. since they didn't put a 2003 catalog in late-2002 shipments, like they ususally do).
The 'general' forum on Lugnet.com will be a good place to watch for discussion. There's a dedicated '2004' forum there as well, but the last couple years people have not been very good about posting there in addition to 'general.'
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Kevin Johnston

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