Just picked up the 1/72nd scale Vigilante from Trumpeter yesterday....

Well I was a bit taken aback when I eyed it in the shelf. But in the box it looks great.

On to a few Nits and Pics:

The Pics: Pantograph down from their Braille scale kit with all the same (more or less) fidelity of scale, dropped flaps, good raised detail in the cockpit, beautiful wheel well detail, decals for two shore based acft, no punch out pin marks marring visible surfaces to include inner gear doors.

The Nits: No refueling probe, instrument panels cast in clear plastic but does not provide for the glass over the instrument dials, just holes in the plastic, rivet detail a bit heavy handed for this scale (a few coats of Surfacer will fix this).

The cockpit tub fits in place so tight that it holds the two fuselage halves together.

Scott A. Bregi

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I would say not having the refueling probe separate is a good thing as you don't have to worry about the doors fitting if you don't want to show the probe extended (Viggies were rarely parked with the probe out). Wish they would have omitted the probe in the 1/48 version also.


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