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So... Hannants says they are "selling fast", and they are at the top of their sales charts. I've ordered mine -- but has anybody actually got one yet? Are they in the high street shops yet?

Who's gonna be first with the in-box review? And the first build-up?

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Matt Bacon
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I walked into my local model store today on the off chance of finding a new Airfix 1:48 Hawk ... nothing on the shelf with the regular models, but I asked around and one of the new 1:48 Red Arrows kits turned up on the "Model

  • Paint + Brush" rack, hiding behind the 1:72 scale Red Arrows gift sets!

So ... what's the kit like?

It's a bit of a step back for Airfix after their nice Seafire FR.46/47 kit. The kit in roughly (Suspiciously?) close to the breakdown of the Italeri

1:72nd kit. The plastic is thick, the mould gates are thick, and the detail is soft. In fact, it looks like someone simply enlarged a 1:72nd kit. From my test-fit, the fit is pretty good and not much filler is going to be needed. The sprues show evidence of being removed from the moulds whilst too hot, as many are distorted ... on of my wings has a fair bit a kink in it from sag.

The cockpits are asking for some replacement resin. The ejection seats are in five pieces, but they're a little "chunky" on the detail and no handles are provided. The tubs have raised details on the sidewalls, but it's again chunky and largely fictitious. The instrument panels again have fictitious detail ... sad. The wheel wells have some detail but are far, far too shallow. There doesn't look to even be enough room to get the (thick) gear doors closed, never mind get a wheel in there. If you want to do the gear doors up to avoid this .. .forget it. The two outer gear door pieces are fused together.

On the plus side, you get the option of dropped flaps - but you have to cut out the flaps out of the (thick) wings yourself. One other necessary mod is the scoops on the top of fuselage - the plastic is so thick that they're practically closed up. There are no real intakes - there's a solid wall after half an inch, and there are giant locating pins inside the intake.

The Red Arrow's "Gift Set" comes with decals for ALL Red Arrows aircraft and all Finnish "Midnight Hawks" display aircraft, plus lots of stores: 4 x AIM-9L (Fine apart from the very stunted forward fins, which will need replacing.), A smoke pod, An Aden Gun Pack (Just a vague shape, no detail, bin it.) and two sizes of fuel tank (Fine, but it's hard to ruin a drop tank)

The transparencies are pretty good - reasonably thin and clear, with no mould lines. The detcord in the canopy is a recessed in the underside of the roof, so you can paint it in and then scrape off the overpaint from the edges with a fingernail or toothpick.

All in all, I'm disappointed. I only hope the Italeri kit is better - the

1:72nd one certainly is! I'm throwing it together at the moment, so hopefully I'll be able to add to this soon enough.


Matt (A different one)

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