Anyone remember this Mega Blok series?

Hello all,

I'm trying to find some information about a Mega Bloks line that was around 1998. It was a alien space based series. The key set was a large alien city complete with a "monorail" track around it (same track as the Mega Bloks racing sets of the same time). There was also a very large alien space battlecruiser as well as a smaller space ship any some other sets.

Does this series ring a bell to anyone? Any idea what the actual name is? I've been trying to track it down on e-bay, google, everywhere, but with no luck.


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mega bloks != lego

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Hi there!

The series you're thinking of is the "Planetoids" product line, which debuted in 1997 and ultimately featured only seven sets. The alien city was the "LX-900 City," set #9300. It had 1000 pieces and 7 minifigs.

That was, in fact, the last set of the series that I was able to aqcuire, and I picked it up in 2000. I haven't seen one on retail shelves since that time. Sets still pop up on eBay from time to time at varying prices.

You might be interested in visiting a relatively new site especially for fans of Mega Bloks:

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is small so far, but if you have other Mega Bloks questions, then that's a great place to ask it.

You're also welcome to email me for more detail.


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