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Check out the Bloks Forum for the latest product sightings, Mega
Bloks-based MOC's, forthcoming releases, and all sorts of info about
old or hard-to-find sets.
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All are welcome, though the discussions deal with so-called "clone"
brands more than LEGO. It's a Mega Bloks-heavy site, but there's lots
of stuff about other non-LEGO brands, too.
Drop by if you're so inclined!
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Do you have any interest in the magnetic Marvel figures? They're similar in basic design, though obviously they're superhero-themed, rather than baroque fantasy...
Also, there's a line of similarly magnetic warrior-figures under the Magnetix brand. Usually they seem to wind up in an aisle adjacent to the Mega Bloks/LEGO section--maybe they're worth checking out?
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not interested in those marvels, and the ROSE ART magnetix, i bought one...PIECE OF CRAP! it is nothing like the Mag*Warriors...they are soo much tighter, and have great armor, and just are great toys.
i don't know if Mag*
Warriors appeals to others, but i love them. anyone else like them?
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