Help needed trying to install a copied version of LEGO STAR WARS PC game

Hi, I just bought a bootleg copy of Lego STAR WARS The Video Game,
however I need to get into the crack codes? to locate a vpb file??? to
be able to play it. It installs okay but when u try and play it it
keeps prompting me to insert the original disc. How do I get the game
to run? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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Forget all the bloody goody two shoes here, and have a search on for the cracks. Each will have specific instructions for installation.
Alternatively, as you seem to already have a crack, do a search of your hard drive for any .vpb files, making sure you search hidden files.
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Joe Blow
Scum. I happen to make a living from writing and selling commercial software so, Yes, I am VERY against people stealing software.
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Dean Earley

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