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I'm in the preliminary stages of a design for a robot. I was wondering if it were possible to interface a lego RCX brick to larger servo and/or stepper motors. At worst, a simple reed switch to count pulses from a standard motor with a lobe on it would suffice.

I currently do not have an RCX to experiment with, but the results of your answer would push me to purchase one.

The parameters: I need to interface an RCX to 12 volt motors capable of moving about 20-40 lbs.

Could I get away with relays or transistors of some kind to drive a higher voltage source for these larger motors?

The finished design would have to keep track of 2-5 motors, but only drive 2 or 4 at the most. Can the RCX multitask? Can it issue a "drive" command to 2 motors at the same time, while it's polling more than one sensor?

Is the RCX suitable, or should I be looking at more expensive uCs?

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The output of the RCX is Pulse Width Modulated for 9 volt motors. You would have to create a drive suitable for the current and voltage required for your project. I am not sure what would be your best choice. I would suggest you ask this question at

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on the Lugnet.robotics newsgroup. There are some fine builders there with a lot of technical experience. Good luck with your project!

Bob Fay

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Robert G Fay

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