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I've still got the space lego that I had as a child, and I'm wondering if it's worth anything nowadays. In particular, I have:

918 Space Transport LL918 6861 X-1 Patrol Craft 6880 Explorer Vehicle 6950 Mobile Satellite Launcher 6970 Beta Command Base

All have the original boxes and instructions, although some of the boxes are in rough shape. I spent many hours playing with this stuff, but was always careful not to lose any pieces or to let it get mixed in with my regular Lego.

I'm not really interested in selling, just curious to see what it's worth before I put the box back up on the shelf for another 20 years.

Thanks for any info.

Brent Mooney sportridersATsasktelDOTnet '86 CBR400R Aero

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These sets definitely have value both as great toys and as collector items. Putting a dollar value on each set would require a little research, but you might find some useful information on

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You may also wish to perform a quick search on eBay for these sets and see how they are selling.

- John Eric

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