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FYI: Lego & MegaBlok Autions
I have just listed come batch lots on eBay for those that are interested. these include misc block, special/unique pieces, base plates, figures & accessories.
eBay's Top 10 LEGO
what's the difference between technic liftarm and technic beam?
why there are two names for these similar parts? historical reason?
A simple rollercoaster
Last weekend I built a simple rollercoaster together with my youngest son (he's 19 now!). It's nothing compared to the big coasters some others have built, but we did have fun! It only uses 'plain'...
He's baaack...
What have I missed?
MOCshow Awareness Sale
MOCshow is a picture gallery with voting, comments, build in slideshow and it is free to use! Paid memberships are available. You can find it here Until August 31st 2008 there is a draw running -...
Today I'm Right
::checks to see if anyone cares:: Nope no one cares, sorry
Onedeus - I'm waiting
Mathew, learn some new insults, you really are beginning to repeat yourself. You need to be more clever than a 5th grader. Try insulting me without using foul language! It's way more interesting.
Legoland CD-ROM
To Whom It May Concern: I have quick question about the CD-ROM called "Legoland," one of the older computer games. I know that it was originally designed for Windows 95/95, but is there any way to get...
LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot kit
Kotu Bionicle
Hi How would I get hold of a Bionicle Kotu? I'm in the UK. Cheers
The PHAISOS disc made in LEGO
A handsome LEGO decoration for your mantelpiece. A three modul pyramid hold together by a single screw, symbolising the 365 day annual year by 144 +(121)+ 100 studs in 61 quadratic lego pieces. Hagen
Lego as a most serious tool
If you are a fanatic about "Lego", you'll probably be more educated in understanding my resemblance between a step pyramid and the "Phaistos disc", than all the filologists and other university...
Guide to LEGO Mindstorms sets
8482 Cybermaster
Hi All, have just got hold of the 8482 Cybermaster set but sadly it does not have the CD with it, this looks like it must have the construction plans and software on it so without it my daughter and I...