Brinks Home Security Directory

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Brinks Home Security Directory

Brink's Home Security Attn: Dealer Operations

8880 Esters Blvd Irving TX 75063

Main Interoffice Number (800) 874-8882 Customer Care (800) 445-0872 Dealer Fax Number (972) 871-3325 Brink's Direct Local# (972) 871-3500

Dealer Operations Name Title E-mail Extension Danny Garrido Director 13630 Stephen Blackwell Operation Manager 13752 Jayne Michaud Sr. Analyst 13515 Joel Conn Re-visit Trainer 13942 Todd Alford S.E. Region Trainer 13745 Scott Carpenter N.E. Region Trainer 13906 Jeffrey Wood West Region Trainer 13673 Adam Catan Account Executive S.E. Region 13991 Ron Book Account Executive West Region 13403 Michael Cochran Account Executive N.E. Region 13566 Denise Duncan Field Support Specialist 13831 Ruth Fowler Research Specialist 13579 Covidas Burnett Research Specialist 13738 Robin Everage Funding Supervisor 13852 Rebecca Barker Sr. Funding Clerk 13813 Donna Brown Funding Clerk 13236 Kelly Wildes Funding Clerk 13235 Tonia Jones Funding Clerk 13419 Brandon Thompson Funding Clerk 13949 L'erin Hampton Funding Clerk l' 13779

Marketing (888) 221-1726

Dealer Customer Care Specialist Aquanetta Lake Customer Care Representative (972) 871-3717 Emergency Service Callback # Downloading: (800) 417-2110

Vendors MasterCraft - Rhonda Rosenberger Account Executive Office (214) 441-9084 Fax (214) 441-9723 Universal Power Group - Ronna Renken Director of Security Sales Office (866) 901-0119 Fax (469) 892-1195

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