Brinks Home Security Complaints

Brinks Home Security Complaints
Shane of Tomball TX (07/16/07)
We recently decided to cancel monitoring by Brinks Home Security and
have a new company take over the monitoring. Brinks has informed us that
they wish to send out a technician to remove all Brinks equipment
including wiring and sensors throughout the house. When I purchased the
house in 2001, it already had all the equipment installed.
At the time, we purchased or should I say paid for two smoke detectors
that were supposedly faulty. Brinks is now claiming that they own all
the equipment and wiring installed in the premise and claim if we do not
allow them to remove all wiring, sensors etc. then they would send us a
bill for $500.00.
Cindy of Bolingbrook IL (06/27/07)
I called to cancel my brinks home security system and was told I'd have
to be home because someone from Brinks would have to come over to remove
the two keypads as well as the transformer. I couldn't believe they
would remove the keypads so I called our local Brinks branch and was
told by the manager that they do not need to remove the system, by doing
so, they would leave holes in the wall and we'd probably have to repair
the wall and then repaint it. He then said all they would do is disable
the dialer and leave the equipment there at no additional cost to me.
I then called Brinks at their 1800 number and spoke to a Shaterra. When
I asked her if I had the option of keeping the equipment, she replied
yes, but at a cost of $500.00. That's when I told her what the manager
from our local Brinks branch assured me. I truly think Brinks is in the
business of trying to keep you as their customer by a) lowering your
bill if you tell them you are thinking of canceling (they cut my bill in
1/2 for 6 months) and then if you call again to say you decided to
cancel, they would stick you with either unfinished walls with holes in
it, or charge you an outrageous fee for you to keep the equipment.
Leneta of Tucker GA (05/23/07)
I was away from my home when the fire alarm was activated. It turned out
it was caused by a plumber soldering some pipes. The fire department
came and saw there was no fire and left. I called Brinks and asked them
to remotely stop the alarm from going off and they told me it was a $20
charge! I've had this system for 13 years and couldn't believe they
would charge me to turn off the alarm.
I was told they would waive the fee IF I agreed to a service call to
test my system. In other words to avoid a $20 fee, I had to commit to a
$50+ fee and time off from work! I can't believe this is standard in the
industry, but I'm going to find out.
F. of Pawtucket RI (04/09/07)
Whe we signed up for services with Brinks, we were informed by the sales
person that we needed to pay for a Permit fee at that time we paid, when
they came to install the alarm we asked about the permit and they did
not have it, a week later after a called the offices several times, I
was told by the sales person that he was going to pull the permit then,
I stated that was not possible since the work had been done and the
permit needs top be pulled prior to the work being done. I also contact
my town hall, permit dept and was told that Brinks does this a lot,
charges people for permits but does not pull them.
I requested a refund for the permit fee, and was told that would take
about 2 months to be able to receive my refund, they needed to research
it, when they know they made the mistake, I have spoken to other Brinks
customers that state they had never had a permit for work for them either
Akeem of Columbus OH (08/20/03)
In April 2003 the main telephone line my home was inoperable. I
contacted SBC Ameritech to repair the problem, however, their findings
during their investigation reflected that the problem was was due to a
defect in the alarm system installed by Brinks Security. I contacted
Brinks and informed them of the problem. The 1st technician 51800/D
Bidwell came out and stated he fixed the problem and provided his phone
numbers for contact if the problem continued. I contacted him to tell
him that I was unable to make calls from my home because the phone line
was still dropping calls. He never returned my phone calls, so I
contacted Brinks again 1-week later.
The service Manager, Steven came out inspected the work of the
technician and stated that he will be sending a Sr. Technician out to
repair the problem. The supervisor called me back 2-weeks later to
inform me he could not find my paper work or repair order and did not
provide an operable phone number,so I was unable to reach him. I then
contacted Brinks again in June to express my disappointment in their
workmanship and poor customer service. I was unable to use my home phone
during the length of this time. Another repair technician came out who
proclaimed he fixed the problem, at which time I agreed to add a new
keypad on the 2nd floor of my home.
To my surprise, 2 hours after he left the alarm light indicator did not
work, so I contacted Brinks again to come out and correct the problem.
Technician 51800/D Bidwell stated that he fixed the problem only to find
out later that I had a dysfunctional product that created false alarm
sounds for the entire weekend. I am also still having problems with my
phone, unable to make or receive calls.
Debra of Gig Harbor WA (02/28/03)
I was a renter in a home there was a Brinks Home Security System in
place. I hooked up service for about a year and a half. I always paid my
bill and never had any problems. The owner filed Bankruptcy (the home
owner) and I had to move out. So I notified Brinks to let them know I
needed to disconnect my service because I had to move out. They said
that was fine and they would note it. After moving out. I went back to
the home to clean up and accidentally set off the alarm. I called Brinks
to let them know it was a false alarm and they indicated to me that they
were not getting the notice of the alarm because I had disconnected
service. so I figured all was fine on both ends.. a few month later I
get this outrageous bill saying I owe them all kinds of money..
I sent a letter back WITH the statment indicating that I had cancelled
service months prior.. but now I have a bill for over $1,000.. they're
response was oh yea,, we saw you cancelled.. but you need to put it in
WRITING.. we have a FORM you need to fill out.. I indicated that no one
EVER sent the form when I disconnected service and it was acknowledged
that I had INDEED disconnect service... but they're STILL trying to
charge me fully knowing I moved OUT of the home over 3 YEARS ago.!!!
They are trying to bill me for a service I did NOT receive.. and NOT
only that.. the home was BOUGHT by someone else.
Ho of New York NY (07/29/02)
I purchased a BRINKS Home Security System and and had my house prewired
for the system so that the hardware would be ready to be installed when
I took title of the house in 6 months. I pre-paid 50% of the $941 for
the system. A little over 1 month after I purchased the BRINKS system
and had my house pre-wired, a strong thunderstorm with strong winds
passed over my house and caused my house as well as 4 others to be
severely damaged and all 5 houses had to be demolished and rebuilt. I
contacted the salesperson who sold us the BRINKS system and he in turn
contacted his supervisor to see what could be done about re-wiring the
I stated to the area manager of BRINKS that I felt I should not have to
pay to have the house re-wired since it was not my fault or anyone's
fault that the house collapsed. The area manager said he did not know if
he would be able to waive the re-wiring fee and said he would get back
to me. After waiting over 2 weeks for a response and not getting one, I
decided to call back and was told by my salesperson that the area
manager was away on vacation and that he would contact me with an answer
as to whether I would have to pay for the re-wiring as soon as the area
manager came back from vacation and he was able discuss my situation to
him again. The salesperson finally called back and told me the area
manager felt that since it was not BRINKS fault that my house collapsed
as well that BRINKS should not have to pay to have my house re-wired
again and that I would have to pay an additional service fee of $200.
I told the salesperson this is unacceptable and decided to contact the
regional manager responsible for the Jersey City, NJ area. After 3 calls
to the BRINKS 800 number I was able to get the number of the regional
manager and left him a message on his voice mail. That evening I
received a phone call from the regional manager and he asked me who I
thought was going to pay to have the house rewired and I stated I felt
BRINKS should absorb the cost of the rewiring. The regional manager
stated he would not do this because he had a responsibility to the
company's shareholders.
Scott of Houston (03/26/02)
When I bought my home 10 years ago it had a Brinks' alarm system already
installed. I called the company and started service. Recently I had a
new alarm system installed (ADT) and called Brinks to cancel service.
The operator told me that I only had one chance a year to cancel and I
would have to pay the monthly service for nine more months before I
could cancel. She went on to explain that Brink's (unlike ADT) owned the
equipment in my home and would need to come out and pick it up. I don't
remember signing a contract with Brink's since the system was in the
house when I bought it and all I did was call them up and start service.
I have requested a copy of the contract and a list of all of the
equipment that they want to remove. Are they responsible for cleaning up
the mess when they remove the equipment?
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