Cannon Quicksafe Gun Box - default combo?

anyone know the default combo on a cannon quicksafe gun box?
also, any instructions how to change the combo?
the box is open; we just dont know the combo.
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Mark G.
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got it; never mind.
now does anyone have a manual that shows how to change the combo?
it uses the simplex 5 button lock
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Mark G.
I dont know about your gun box but a regular simplex lock the combo changes like so: Theres a screw with a hex hole. Take the screw out. Dial the combo but don't move the handle. Press straight down through the hole with a small punch, screwdriver or what the fuck ever, until you feel something click down. Reset the tumblers with a left turn, put in the new combo, twist the handle like you're opening the lock, and the change is done. Put the screw back in. Ship combo for these things is 2-4 at once then 3.
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Punch Job
Here's a good article:
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Tells how to open them too. I thought alt.locksmithing didn't give defeating information? Well 'locksmiths'?
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