Good-bye group...

Hey all:
It is truly pathetic when a troll is correct...
I need a life... Posting here when I am at work on breaks/lunch periods and
when I am sitting home all evening/night watching tv is not a life...
I did want to thank many of you here for proving what I already knew about
> It is an honorable trade...
One that I might seek out doing as an independent, certified, educated
professional sometime in the future...
I am just tired of posting into the abyss this group has become and getting
shit on by whomever, because I am honest and took my own time to learn
something about the world around me...
This will be my final post to this newsgroup... I will read the responses
to this thread, but not reply to them...
Have a good life... Keep up the good work...
Evan the Maintenance Man
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breaks/lunch periods and
not a life...
already knew about
certified, educated
become and getting
time to learn
read the responses
you going to let the trolls run you off ? you might as well stop participating in n/g's all together. I for one, thank you for your input and wish you well in your future endeavors.
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Your action (or in-action as the case may be) only encourages the Troll to continue.
Plonk the troll and be done with it. Trolls do what they do for a response, you just paid them the ultimate compliment.
What ever happened to the weekly question "How can I pick this lock?"
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I must admit this group has gone to hell. Maybe we'll talk more on some of the restricted groups. I've not posted to them in a long time but I may start spending more time there instead too. Have a good life.
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Glen Cooper
Hey Evan,
Wanna join Clearstar? Email me!
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Bob DeWeese, CML
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Glen Cooper
<snip>No Off- It is more often that I do not respond to some of the posting here because of trolls, spammers, spoofers, and what not.
But I do if it is something I know about.Otherwise I let the shit go and dont get in on it.
Still some good reading here once in a while.
Take it easy Evan and Good Luck.
Later, goma.
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It is a shame when you start listening to a troll about anything. Although I'm fairly new to this newsgroup I have been reading and posting to others for years now. I can honestly say I've never seen a group go downhill this fast because a few morons posts. It's really sad because sometimes you can get a meaningful and helpful thread going but you have to wade through so much garbage to get to it. For the last week it seems all I have done when I check in to this group is expand my killfile list, which is pathetic. There seems to have been very few legit posts and a bunch of crap. Besides the killfile list there needs to be people posting legit posts to make the group more enjoyable. As a person just learning the trade I asked a few questions that were answered rather quickly and accurately. I also didn't want to be a pain by always asking questions, so I sat in the backround reading the legit posts and picking up things now and then. I now see this to be a mistake. For groups to thrive there needs to be meaningfull discussion on a variety of topics, no matter who posts. I for one hate to see you leave Evan, while I may not always agree with all you say ,you speak as honestly as you can. Hell , you even had a good post topic lately about the school with the ic core problems. It's post like that that will ultimately save this group. Evan wrote in message <0qNCc.12839$>...
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Jimmy F.

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