Re: Me and the Marketing email group again.

Subject: Re: Me and the Marketing email group again.

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Sorry to give the impression of SPAM. Wasn't meant to be. Thought folks might have an interest. (And many have!) Frankly I was a little disappointed to see such a biting comment from someone I had built some respect for because of so many meaningful contributions here. I had hoped maybe to get your help on the email group, but we'll continue to grow. Wouldn't mind the criticism so much if you had checked out what we're trying to build or if you had the reputation of being a troll. Oh well. I'll continue to lurk and read your post. Thanks for pointing out it was comming across as SPAM.

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The name of this group is alt.locksmithing as we all know. Marketing IS a very important part of locksmithing therefore a post here about a group on marketing is anything but spam.

If marketing were not an important part of locksmithing then we as locksmiths would not care about getting new customers. If locksmithing and marketing didn't go hand in hand then none of us would have cards or yellow page ads. Even word of mouth is a form of marketing.

For the life of me I just cant figure out where some of you guys are coming from with a negative response about a locksmith marketing group being posted here.

I know none of you are trying to make the yellow pages more money by limiting the locksmiths' view about marketing to just the 50,000 dollar one page yellow page ads out there for sale. :-)

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