Help needed (looking for a keyed entry knob lever combo lock)

Looking to buy a knob (on the keyed side), lever on the inside, keyed entry door lock. Found one made by Baldwin (model 5270, 5280) but these are expensive for my budget ($75 after discounts).

Can anyone recommend any such lock that it under $50 or so ? Does Kwikset or anyone else make this kind of a door lock (I visited Kwikset's site but did not find it)? Thanks for your help!

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i recall seeing some SCHLAGE that way - in a home depot or lowes

but, its only worth the price paid

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JOCK tec

Both Schlage and Kwikset made these, Kwikset will probably be in the price ballpark. See your local locksmith.

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Roger Shoaf

eBay has some Schlages that are of that design.

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