How to pick lock on slot machine

Down in the basement of my parents' house is
a slot machine I played with as a kid back in
the 1950's. It has a keyslot in the back.
How can I get it open?
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Best way is to carry it to a Locksmith that will open & make a key for it WITHOUT any damage.
This is essential if it's an antique!
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Wow!! Why didn't I think of that?
It only weighs about 165 pounds.
You're a genius!
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In other words, less than many things people toss into their cars on a regular basis (like passengers).
You could even take a passenger or two with you to help move it into and out of the car. A luggage cart helps too.
Or you can have the locksmith come to you, paying the trip charge of course.
Or you can try to carefully destroy the lock and replace it with something else later on. I'm not sure I'd recommend that for an amateur either, but since you're trying to avoid spending money...
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Joe Kesselman
SURPRISINGLY enough, there is a web site that deals with old boxes, and has LOTS of stuff for them.. records, mechanisms, keys.... did that recently for one for a friend whose wife got stuck with it after he died..
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Well, you should have mentioned the weight in your first post. The way you were carrying on, you'd think that it was heavy.
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"Al" wrote in message: ...
Only 165 pounds... That is not so heavy... Use a hand-truck to move it if you have a vehicle that you can transport it with... If not DON'T BE SO FRIGGING CHEAP and call out a locksmith to open it for you...
You are not going to get detailed info on how to pick the locks from any of the reputable members that post to this newsgroup...
So you have to decide if this slot machine is valuable to you and either have it serviced by a locksmith or just leave it alone and store it to deal with another day sometime in the future...
Evan, ~~formerly a maintenance man, now a college student
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That's pretty light. He gave you the best advice you'll likely get. Many different locks are used on slot machines. Almost all of them better than average security. You can't even ID it. The odds that you will be able to open it w/o excessive damage are slim and none.
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