Recommend a good padlock for storage unit?

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Use the largest shackle that will fit the unit. You also want something protected from cutting. The various disc locks are good in that regard. In that type of situation your main goal is to just make sure your lock is more serious than those of neighboring units. The thieves will take the path of least resistance unless they are specifically targeting you in which case you rpobably shouldn't be storing your stuff there.
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The Abus Diskus 20 Series. The 20 Series is the only Diskus padlock to feature the Abus Plus Cylinder. The Plus Cylinder ensures key control as there are only a handful of certified locksmiths that have their exclusive plus key cutting machines.
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What with the mushroom top pins in the cheap 28/70 abus lock, there seems to be little reason to use the more expensive models in most applications. Since Do-It Best hardware stores and some Sears stores stock the 28/70 Buffo model I think it is easier to find anyway.
AFAIK the Plus series locks yeild just as quickly to angle grinder/torch/plasma cutter attacks as the regular locks...and at least in my area very few, if any storage break-ins are through picking.
Does Abus offer a disk style padlock that cannot be picked with the Falle decoder/pick? I cannot remember? With the appropriate tools, the older disk style models pick as quickly, if not quicker than the standard mushroom driver cylinder!
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believe Abus has corrected that problem with Abus Diskus 20 Series / Plus keyway. so they say..
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