Security by obscurity doesn't work

Now everyone who agrees with this statement prove your confidence in your own position.

Please post your Full name, home and work telephone, home address, type of dwelling ie. apartment, house etc, type of locks in use including brand and model, alarm and if one make, model, type of reporting e.g. dialer, closed circuit monitored (hardline, RF be specific) etc as well as the protective circuit schematic diagram, presense or lack of dogs and firearms. If you have a safe make and model as well as lock used especially if changed from original. What you keep in the safe will get bonus points. Oh yeah when you come and go from work as well as who else lives in the dwelling and the times they routinely come and go would also be nice. Afterall there's no reason to keep any of this confidential. Obscurity is bad, openess is good.

Failure to provide the information requested will be considered an admission that security by obscurity has it's place.

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The only thing you forgot mention is NOBODY thinks that is secure, there are no companies advertising that "your" method is safe.

There isn't a locksmith ANYWHERE that would even suggest that your method good idea.

Nobody needs a professional to tell them that your idea is a recipe for disaster.

The problem is 'Joe Consumer" thinks his lock is secure, because some corporate advertising told him so.

It is time for the industry to change, just like when autos had ignitions that could be "hot wired". The auto industry changed the locking system on cars when they found any 12 year old could start any car. They have continually updated the locking systems ,for the consumers protection.

Is that bad?

Times are a changing'! Weakness in a lock can be now known worldwide in a matter of hours. We can't stop that.

What we can do is insist that lock manufacturers make better locks , We can stress to our customers that their locks need to be upgraded to something more secure.

The customers will listen if they hear it on the evening news, and you tell them its true.

There are great opportunities awaiting the locksmith industry if we choose to take advantage of the 'New News".

Everybody wins! The consumer gets better security, the locksmith gets more work/sales AND the LOCK manufacturer who makes a BETTER product will win.

The only ones who will loose are the companies and the "smiths" who hide their head in the sand and say 'Bad, bad , bad" internet.

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magic words...

GO FOR IT.. and, BTW, good luck.. but I DO AGREE it WOULD BE NICE.. however some other things need to be added.. fire all carpenters in the US till they went back to school, and NOT allow 'cardboard' (or less) house construction..

NO architects be allowed to 'say what hardware' in their building plans-they are idiots..

the lock manufacturers are unfortunately building to what the customer will pay for, and nothing more.. so I guess you could say we need new customers as well.


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Using a logical fallacy doesn't "prove" your position.

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